Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Year 6 Reflection


I had improved lots of things English,Maths,computer skills and lots of things more I had improved.
I think teachers are very kind so I like those teachers.
I like this school because we have to do some lots of activitys so it's so great.
My friends are kind so I played a lot.


Some boys are very annoying so I want hate them.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Video Reflection-Daniel.k

I think I have improve about lots of things In Fendalton school, I think English, math and computer skills i have improved.
I like teachers Mr Clarke and Mrs Howison because they're kind but sometimes they're angry.
Different teachers are usually angry so I don't like those teachers.
I want to do lot of free choice writting and I want start do some have time for more Non-negotiables.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Inquiy Evalution-Daniel kang/Jun An -Movie


1.We have make some movie and edit together so we have to work together so we're team player.
2.We have to talk a lot for making movie so we can make improve our English.
3.When we make some movie and edit it we have to think about tools so we are thinker.


1.We have lot of opinion so we can have some fight.
going to put some bad songs and bad things do but he doesn't want make difference but we have to make it difference.
3. I think we need work on our team work because we
didn't listen some people some times and we were sometimes mucking
around and fighting over lines.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

persuasive Essay

Dear Editor

Hello, my name is Daniel Kang. I want to persuade you to consider living in an under water house.

First, I think we could make a house that is from outside of the sea, so the air comes to the house. Some machines are in the house, they help to push the air, so it could come to the house. How about CO2? When CO2 comes to the CO2 cleaner, it goes back to the outside of the sea again.

Second, it’s about electricity, we could make hydro plants in the sea, so hydro plants will make electricity for things, but the problem is how is it
possible to get the power to the house? That’s easy, just like now, we could make electric poles in the sea. Usually we use lots of electricity so if there is not much electricity we could use some of the sun’s energy, solar power.
But if we have too much electricity we can't store it so we will have to make an electricity warehouse so we can store lots of electricity.

Next is about food, we would just have a machines to catc a lot of fish or marine products. The machine is able to kill and chop fish and machine cooks it so we just bring it to the table and we just eat it.

Next is about plumbing. I think it’s about how can use the sea water. The water comes into the house through the tunnel and into a water integer machine. The salt is then taken out so we can use it.
But how can make warm water? We just use the electricity so it can be warm.

Bye and Thank you for looking

From : Daniel kang

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Free choice writing

Mr Rices Holiday

In 16th January 2008

Mr Rice was waiting for his turn to throw the lucky dart in New Zealand. He plays it twice. He pays $120 for each dart. He threw the dart and it landed on $10000 cash then the next dart landed on a free trip of one month to the USA.

He boarded the ship called Syboney with his dog Fudge. When he was on the ship he ordered a pizza but he didn’t like it so he gave it to Fudge. Fudge spewed in someone’s bag. The lady screamed.

Someone is swimming and can’t come out of the water, so Fudge tried to help her. But the girl swimming has a picture of a girl dog on her swimming togs. So when they come out of the water Fudge bites her swimming togs.

They get off the boat and go to the bus but Mr Rice caught the wrong bus because it looked the same. He wanted go to Los Angeles but he went to New York. He thinks something is wrong so he tried again to go to Los Angeles but he went to Washington on the wrong bus again! He thinks something is wrong again so he tries again to go to Los Angeles. This time he got to Los Angeles but someone stole his money.

Fortunately he had $5000 left and he saw a wanted poster saying “If you catch Mr Elephant (he is a thief) we will give you $10000”. At the moment Mr Rice goes to jail because he looks the same as Mr Elephant. But he can get released because they check, check and check so they find out that he is not Mr Elephant. He went to some house and he found some guy that looks like Mr Rice so he thinks he is Mr Elephant. They fight and Fudge bites Mr Elephant bottom and they fight, fight and fight. Mr Rice looks like he is losing but an ant comes and Mr Elephant is so scared! Mr Rice won and he handed him to the police and he got $10000 reward money. Then he goes to Los Angeles beach and has wonderful day at Los Angeles beach.